Feeling festive for our pre-xmas cook

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Always the poser

Five slices of watermelon later...

Saint Martin

Another delve into the biscuit tin to pull out this week's country....St Martin. Yes another country that we had to look up on the map!


This week had pretty easy to find recipes, that were in English, which were the traditional dishes of the country and with locally found ingredients - awesome as an easy cook was just what I needed so close to Christmas.

Locri - the traditional dish of St Martin


The traditional main dish of St Martin is Locri - a kind of chicken risotto with some distinctly Caribbean flavours.


There were a few recipes available online and they were virtually all the same. The recipe I used is here


Chef's Notes:

- The only alteration I made to this recipe was the overall quantities - I actually halved all the ingredients as a lot of the cooks I do for 192 Countries for Dinner seem to feed thousands and I wanted very few left overs this close to Christmas.


The Verdict

Paul - 8.5/10 - Nice flavours. Smelt worse than it tasted.

Harry - 9/10 - It was weird but tasted nice - bit too limey.

April - 10/10 - Yummy and delicious and a little tiny bit gross.

Danie - 8/10 - Tasted nice although a little sweet for me.





Creaming the butter and sugar together

Spread out in a baking tray

Butter Cookies

Butter Cookies

Another of the traditional recipes of the Island is Butter Cookies. The recipe I used is here.


This recipe is basically the same as shortbread and came out beautifully. I served ours with a dollop of whipped cream and fresh watermelon and pineapple on the side.


Chef's Notes
- As with our main course, I halved the ingredients for the butter cookies. Ours made 9 squares...in hindsight as it was so delicious I'd make the full quantity next time!


The Verdict

Paul - 9/10 - Very nice, very similar to shortbread.

Harrison - 10/10 for fruit - I ate 6 pieces of watermelon. 9/10 for the butter cookies as they were nice & sweet.

April - 1/10 for the shortbread and 2/10 for the fruit - disgusting.
Danie - 9/10 - the butter cookies were very much like shortbread and delicious. I'm not a big fan of fruit but the watermelon for refreshing and a great contrast.