Everyone looks quite excited

Chicken in butter and Yemeni spices

Honeycomb bread

Week 11 - The Yemen

I was quite excited when I saw the Yemen be pulled out of the tin. I've never really cooked or eaten Middle Eastern food before so it as going to be an interesting cook this week.


I decided that we'd go for three recipes for the main meal and one for dessert this week.

Yemeni Chicken Mandi with Honeycomb Bread

The Main Course

 So this week I went with a meat dish, a rice dish and a bread to accompany it.


The first dish was a wonderful aromatic chicken meal with beautifully seasoned rice - the recipe can be found here for both:




The bread was filled with cream cheese and covered in an orange sugar syrup...I did wonder how this would work as a savoury but it turned out beautifully:






The Verdict:

This week, Paul and I judged the main meal altogether with one score whilst the children opted to score each element of the meal seperately...just to keep things interesting.

Paul - 9/10 - I really liked it all. (Paul was in and out of the kitchen this week commenting on how awesome it smelled during the cook)


Chicken: 9/10 - I liked the chicken but not the skin.
Rice: 8/10 - Don't like the almonds or raisins
Bread: 4/10 - The syrup was weird and I didn't like the cheese bit either


Chicken: 9/10 - Liked the chicken but not the top bit (seasoned skin)
Rice: 5/10 - Didn't like the stuff in the rice
Bread: 5/10 - Didn't like the sweet outside but did like the middle bit


Danie - 10/10 - I loved it - so full of flavour! I was very surprised by the bread as I was worried the sweet syrup finish would be too sweet for a main meal but it worked wonderfully.

Bint al Sahn

The Dessert

I had two dessert options this week, an easy cook porridge like recipe involving breadcrumbs and banana or a more advanced cook for a layered cake. After thinking about what the children would be most likely to eat, I decided on the more traditional Bint al Sahn. Not a great pastry cook I enlisted the help of both Paul and April to make this recipe.


It's actally from another round the world cooking blog and I love sharing what others have done:




Chef's Notes - So I made the dough, Paul rolled the pastry super thin and April covered everything in melted butter for this recipe. However our ultra thin, see through pastry was perhaps not see-through enough as we failed to achieve the fine texture we were hoping for.



The Verdict:

Paul - 7/10 - Nice taste but a bit doughy inside

Harrison - 1/10 - I really, really hate cake

April - 7/10 - I really liked the inside but don't like the sweet top layer

Danie - 4/10 - The texture was too heavy/doughy and the taste a little bland.