Week 10 - Nigeria

Harry tucking in

The flag

Dessert combo

Week 10 - Nigeria

Our picks seem to be a little African based at the moment but as it's a random selection I guess this just reflects the many different countries in Africa.


This week I was torn between traditional Nigerian food and the South African influence so I made a hybrid main using inspiration from both. I also opted for two desserts...and I'm glad I did!

Parboiling the chicken in spices

Pan frying...

Jollof rice

The end result

The Main - Jollof Rice, Chicken & Boerwurst

So doing a little research this week and it seems that Nigeria had a lot of South African influence in their food choices so I opted for a traditional rice recipe, served with fried chicken and then South African inspired Boerwurst.


The rice recipe I chose was Jollof Rice. This was quite similar to a Spanish rice hotpot dish that I regularly make - just with a few different spices. The cooking of the chicken is included in this recipe too.


Chef's Notes - this recipe is a little bit backwards and forwards as it covers the cooking of the chicken and then the rice. Here's is my interpretation...
I parboiled the chicken in the spices (delice was best replaced by paprika) for about 15 minutes. I then took from the pan and started shallow frying for 5 mins until the skins started to crisp up. Then I transferred to the oven until the rice was cooked. You need to retain BOTH the water the chicken was cooked in and the oil it was fried in as both are used in the rice dish.


The Verdict

Paul - 7/10 - was nice overall but yet again I wasn't wowed. Good flavour but lacked depth.

Harrison - 10/10 - very, very yummy (he had seconds)

April - 5/10 - didn't like the rice or sausage but did like the chicken

Danie - 6/10 - was overall nice but nothing special.




Quantity wise - I did 2 cups of rice for a family of 4 with left overs for lunches. I served with 6 chicken drumsticks.


I also brought a boarwurst from our local butcher and served that too.

Banana ice cream ready for freezing

Shuku shuku ready to bake

The dessert line up

Inside the shuku shuku

Banana ice cream

Dessert Combo - Shuku Shuku & Banana Ice Cream

I decided to make two desserts this week. The kids love ice-cream and I love coconut so both of these recipes seemed like good options.


Both recipes can be found here: 



Chef's Notes:

Shuku shuku - the recipe calls for 3 egg yolks however my mixture wasn't wet enough to stick together so I added an extra yolk - so 4x medium egg yolks. There are two versions of the recipe - one for non-bake and one for bake - I went with the baked option and I'm so glad I did as it had a toasted coconut flavour.


Banana Ice Cream - the recipe calls for Peak milk. Having done some searching, I found a recommendation that evaproated milk should be used as condensed milk is too sweet. After tasting this recipe, I think condensed milk would have been a better option. Ours wasn't quite set either and probably due to the unsure quantity of while milk required in the recipe. The recipe calls for 1/2 a small party cup...erm...I went for 2/3 of an espresso cup...


The Verdict - we decided to give each dessert it's own rating:

Banana Ice Cream:

Paul - 5/10 - It grew on me. I didn't like the initial first mouthful and would have given it a 2/10 as it wasn't sweet enough but after eating it all, it got better.

Harrison - 9/10 - liked the taste but wasn't quite set enough. I'll eat the extra portions tomorrow (please note that Harrison does NOT like to eat bananas)

April - 0/10 - It tasted horrible (please note that April LOVES bananas)

Danie - 1/10 - It's not often that I'm unable to eat something but I could not eat this - yuk!. I didn't like the flavour (I don't like bananas) or the texture. Mine's gone back in the freezer for Harry to eat tomorrow.


Shuku Shuku:
Paul - 8.5/10 - Nice flavours but a bit dry
Harrison - 7/10 - just tasted like coconut
April - 0/10 - it tasted horrible

Danie - 10/10 - A complete hit with me. It tasted almost like coconut ice but different. I was so glad I made these - I was worried that the recipe wasn't going to be sweet enough but it was perfect. I'm also glad I made the baked version so it had that toasted coconut flavour.