The Namibian Flag

A thumbs up for dessert

Is that a 'yum' face?

Week 9 - Namibia

After Benin, we weren't sure what to expect from Namibia. This week was another very difficult recipe sourcing mission, especially for dessert, but in the end we had a great cooking and eating session.

Another meal I could make in the slow coooker

Namibian Potjiekos

Main Course - Namibian Potjiekos

I was thrilled to come across a great website this week when looking for a recipe - Niels has also embraced the delicious array of foods throughout the world in his Worldwide Wednesday cook off.


This week's recipe for Namibian Potjiekos is straight off the blog - Recipe here


Chef's Notes - I used lamb neck in our version - just $12 at our local Meat Warehouse here in Beachlands for 1kg (I used it all) and as usual, the recipe made enough for way more than four portions...I've been eating it all week for lunch and it actually seems to develop more flavour with age.


This is another of our budget-friendly countries, with easy to find ingredients.


The Verdict
Paul - 7/10 - The curry was't spicy enough for me.

Harrison - 5/10 - I don't like the lamb fat but the brown rice was OK.

April - 2/10 - I didn't like the taste
Danie - 8/10 - nice lamb flavours and very, very mild. Not very curry-ish at all.


Light and fluffy filling

First tentative bite

Harrison had 4!

They were a hit with everyone!

Dessert - Namibian Fat Cakes (Fried Dough)

I've quite a fan of dessert and this week was probably the most difficult week yet. Usually it takes me ages to decide which of the many desserts to make from a country...this week I had the opposite problem with a real shortage of dessert options.


I made the only dessert option that I found - Namibian Fat Cakes. 


You can find the Recipe here.


Chef's notes - the dough grew a lot and we had enough to make 2 large batches of these - we had quite a lot for dessert and then ate the second batch for breakfast the following day. Absolutely delicious with coffee!



Paul - 10/10 - Very much like a cross between a Samoan donut and an English one.

Harry 10/10 - I don't usually like donuts but these are delicious.

April 10/10 - These are delicious, can I have more?

Danie 10/10 - Awesome, very much like the donuts I remember as a teen from Blackpool Pleasure Beach.